The Rustic Holiday Table

I’m not really one for the typical red, green, and santa & co. when it comes to holiday decorating tactics. I’ve always preferred decorations like little wooden bearded figurines from Germany and vintage glass ornaments. They make your hearth a little more rustic and cozy.  The ladies of New Brahmin made my ideal holiday table setting, featured on Dig Boston. Sourcing local stores like J.E.M and Hudson, they created the perfect blend of holiday spirit and winter woodsman. I’m going to try my best to replicate this for our little table at home. But the real problem is restraining myself . . . I may end up with an entire apartment looking like a rustic holiday wonderland.



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2 responses to “The Rustic Holiday Table

  1. Wow! Psyched you like it! We had a super short deadline and started to worry that it got more woodsman than holiday spirit because we’re all suckers for a nice buffalo check plaid (and gag at the traditional green/red combo). Plaid + Random Items x Holiday References = Holiday WIN!

  2. I absolutely loved it! Absolute perfect honest.

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