Date Night with Alex Grant: A Charlie Brown Christmas

Skip was inspired while watching A Charlie Brown Christmas today with his adorable children – and it shows with this great outfit. I absolutely love the brick red Penfield jacket with the dark rinse denim, blucher mocs, and stormy kromer hat. The perfect winter look for a young boy or an older man.

Penfield Jacket, Stormy Kromer, Levi’s 501, Blucher Mocs



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8 responses to “Date Night with Alex Grant: A Charlie Brown Christmas

  1. This is so cool, you guys are really doing amazing things with Date Night. I’ve watched Charlie Brown all these years and never even paid attention to his outfit, but now I notice it’s actually really classic, Linus’ as well. Excellent post.

  2. cc

    linus is totally wearing a carhartt duck jacket. dont know about that hat, tho.

  3. Great idea with the Carhartt duck jacket. Date Night isn’t a meant to be a method of telling you what you should be wearing, it’s just a way of offering up some ideas. So if you want to switch the jacket and ditch the hat, you certainly can! Have fun with it!

  4. Perfect choices for our favourite Christmas special. I can now actually imagine that Charlie Brown was wearing a Penfield jacket.

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