Nor’easter Knits

I love when you serendipitously meet someone who is incredibly cool and talented and it makes you realize how small this world really is. That is how I met Alex of Nor’easter Knits. Alex reached out to me upon bumping into my blog  (easily enough as N’East Style and Nor’easter Knits have a thing or two in common). I was thrilled when he introduced me to his new brand of beautiful knitwear. The brand is nautically inspired by favorite cork board images of authentic New England fishermen which were culled from vintage bookstores (you can find these on the website). Each piece is made by a knitter in Maine and the wool is sourced locally whenever possible. For the winter of 2010, Nor’easter Knits offers two unisex styles that are truly versatile for the cold New England months. The Snood Hood, an alpaca/merino wool blend that is spun in Maine, and the Turtleneck Cowl, made of pure superfine merino wool. I have had the Snood for a few weeks now and can honestly say I’ve worn it every other day. It offers the warmth of a massive wool scarf without the itch and extra bulk. And the packaging that Alex has designed enhance the knits so much more than the typical bags or boxes. You’ll receive your lovingly knit Snood or Cowl in a brown paper coffee bag with the beautiful Nor’easter Knits logo which is inspired by Zephyrs, personifications of the wind that appeared on early maps. With the excellent craftmanship and beautiful presentation, these knit pieces are the perfect present to a loved one . . . or to yourself.



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3 responses to “Nor’easter Knits

  1. um. amazeballs. must remember this site.

  2. HOM

    It would be nice if someone local had them…

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