AK Vintage

I’m in love with the leather and vintage metal jewelry collections from AK Vintage. Designer Anna Korte founded AK Vintage in 2002 out of Portland, OR.  She is inspired by a sustainable solutions and all of her pieces are handmade in Portland from recycled, vintage or locally made or found materials. I’m in love with the supple recycled leather and how it juxtaposes with the vintage metal findings. Whether the pieces are decidedly organic with feather shapes or geometric with triangles and squares, each one is a beautiful representation of nature. Besides her natural surroundings, Korte uses poetry and illustration as motivation for each of her collections, giving them names such as Walt Whitman and Khalil Gibran. Above are some pictures of only a few of my favorite pieces.



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3 responses to “AK Vintage

  1. Wow! Love these pieces. I don’t even wear earrings anymore but I might have to snatch up those feather ones!

  2. ay carumba. love those earrings!!!!

  3. I’m so happy to see Anna’s jewelry on your blog. She is my absolute favorite. My most recent purchase included 2 necklaces that I can’t stop wearing.

    She makes so many cool things.

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