Gifts Galore and Cupcakes

International Playground with a view of one of the Symmetry Scarves

Thief & Bandit

Species by the Thousands

Ursa Major

guests enjoying the delicious raw and vegan cupcakes

Digby & Iona

Brevity (left) and Laura Lombardi (right)

a great hat and some great jewelry

I was able to attend the opening reception for Gifts Galore and Cupcakes this Friday night and admire beautiful jewelry and accessories, eat delicious vegan cupcakes, sip champagne, and chat with some great people. The holiday event is curated by Jessica of The Shiny Squirrel and hosted by the very cool shop International Playground. I was thrilled to finally have the opportunity to meet Jessica and chat with some of her friends. She did a fabulous job putting together the event and the shop is the perfect local for it. It’s the last day of the event, so if you are in the area, be sure to swing by 13 Stanton Street (open 12-8pm) to get some Christmas shopping done thanks to the talented artisans involved including Digby & Iona, Elizabeth Knight, Symmetry Goods, Thief and Bandit, and Ursa Major.



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