Date Night with Alex Grant: A Christmas Story

You can’t have A Christmas Story without involving the glowing leg lamp. Of course there’s the Red Rider, but that’s too easy and we’ve all seen it before. Too easily forgotten is the holiday turmoil of Ralphie’s old man and what he really wanted for Christmas that year (to some, the leg lamp may be considered just as dangerous as a bb gun). So I decided to put together a look for men (young and old) to channel their old man’s classic getup. You can’t go wrong with some woolens and a cardi. When the neighbors dogs are causing a ruckus and you have to throw on your goloshes overshoes to tromp through the snow and yell indiscernible curses at them, you’ll know that you look good – and that you won the major award. You may want to keep a secret stash of glue somewhere once you bring the lamp into the house though. I can’t guarantee that your lady friend won’t pull a sly one like Ralphie’s mom did. Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy the weekend with friends and family and don’t forget to download Gabe’s playlist here!

Bonobos Tie, Orvis Cashmere Sweater (shown with Orvis wrinkle-free button front shirt), Woolrich Washable Malone Wool Pants, LaCrosse Galoshes, The Leg Lamp,


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