Linekin Bay Woodworkers

Joseph Anthony Jose is an artisan of yachts, fine cabinetry, and handcrafted furniture. He’s also the father of my boyfriend, so I’ve been lucky to see his work first hand (and inherit a piece or two). Their old sea captain’s home in Boothbay, ME is filled with glistening exotic wood and rosewood in the forms of custom kitchen cabinetry, a dining room table, picture frames, a bed frame – all like pieces of art. Furniture and cabinetry are simply not made with this much care and expertise anymore. Maybe that’s because there are few and far between woodworkers like Joseph whose known woodworking for most of his life. His career began as early as high school summers spent at a piano factory in the Bronx during the early 70’s. Shortly after he began working for Paul E. Luke Yacht Builders in East Boothbay, building 30′ to 65′ yachts designed by Sparkman & Stevens and Ole Nelson. He later joined Hodgdon Boat Builders where Joseph quickly became acknowledged as an expert boat builder and excellent woodworker. While working for renowned furniture maker Anthony Giagetti in the 80’s, Joseph refined his woodworking experience crafting high end furniture in art deco styles with exotic woods. Joseph’s career continued to grow as he acted as manager at Knickerbocker Wood Works, working with architects and homeowners for high end custom woodworking projects from a curved stair case to a carved door. For the past two decades, Joseph has run his own shop, Linekin Bay Woodworkers. His custom woodworking encompasses everything from custom yacht interiors, to custom furniture and cabinetry of every kind, to whitehalls, and even to something as simple and beautiful as a wooden spoon (made for his son and me for Christmas). By remaining a small business, Linekin Bay Woodworkers brings the amount of focus, knowledge, technique, and personal care that is uncommon this day and age. If you see one of Joseph’s pieces in person, it speaks for itself. It will become a part of your home and life as a functioning piece of art. Click here to see more of his impressive portfolio and one of his recent projects of renovating the interior an old school bus into an overnight camper.



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3 responses to “Linekin Bay Woodworkers

  1. I love this – so amazing! I am OBSESSED with boats, and one of my goals in 2011 is to actually build one (just a little rowboat, but no less). How lucky for you to see all of this first hand!

  2. It’s amazing to see it all in person. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  3. Tom

    You are so lucky. We Live in Greenport, NY with its long legacy of Boat building. Over the yeras, I was blessed to see real cabinet makers at work. (As opposed to “wood butchers” who call themselves carpenters). In our town we have seen a resurgence in the last 10 years where some interested parties have started buying and restoring wooden boats from the area. It is a more expensive undertaking than “adopt a dog” ; but so welcomed. Now the local artisans have a place to work and pass down their skill and knowledge. It is amazing what art and skill we have mostly lost, but still cling to in a few places. Thanks for you post and the beautiful pictures. You are so fortunate to see this work/art first hand.

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