The Christmas Tree Project

So the holly jolly season is over and many consider what follows the most depressing time of year. The long drawn out stretch of cold winter with no landmarks to looks forward to. Unless you are lucky like me and have a birthday coming up (in under a month!). So, instead of letting your holiday decorations make you feel even more depressed as they start to look a little limp and less sparkly, join in on the Christmas Tree Project. Fabien Cappello, a carpenter in London, will gladly transform your Christmas tree into a funky little stool. It’s the perfect way to hold on to the holiday cheer throughout the year. And most of the proceeds go straight to the Woodland Trust. Unfortunately, I believe this is only available for UK residents. But if you are across the pond, be nimble, be quick, and place your order by January 6th!



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3 responses to “The Christmas Tree Project

  1. This is a wonderful find! It’s so hard to see all the trees left in the alleys after the holidays 😦 Perfect solution!

  2. stealing this idea… + roaming the streets for thrown out trees.

  3. Isn’t it awesome! Love it. James I think should definitely be a project! Let me know if you find any on the streets.

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