Digby & Iona Signet Collection

I’ve always loved the look of a wax sealed envelope. It gives your personal correspondences a bit of an old world feel. In highschool I was a great letter writer (I still prefer it to email) and I collected different signet stamps and colored wax. It almost became an art. When I graduated from highschool, I was given a small gold signet ring with our Mitchell family crest. It’s a family tradition and I feel really cool sealing a letter with some wax stamping my pinky ring on it. I must not be the only who thinks signets are cool because for Spring 2011 one of my favorite jewelry line, Digby & Iona, has created the Signet Collection. The Diamond Signet Ring/Necklace/Charm is the perfect teaser to the collection – funky, yet traditional. Not only is this piece beautifully versatile, but it comes with a stick of blood red J. Herbin sealing wax to give you a jump start on stamping those letters to friends and family (or sealing up those cable bills).


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2 responses to “Digby & Iona Signet Collection

  1. I have always wanted a signet ring with my initials (LL). So jealous that you have one!


  2. pic of your signet, please!

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