Date Night with Alex Grant: The Brothers Bloom

I really love the film The Brothers Bloom. I found it’s one of those films that none of your friends have heard of or seen but you watch it every time it’s on HBO because Rachel Weisz is gorgeous and the wardrobe is fantastic. I wish I had Penelope’s (Rachel’s character) closet. It’s the perfect mix of menswear and old Hollywood glamour – complete with chunky lace-up boots, bowler hats, wool capes, leopard, scarves, and skateboards. Don’t miss Skip’s look for Adrien Brody’s character Bloom. Now that’s how a gentleman dresses.

Imitation Nubby Trench, Michael Stars Henley Dress, Dr. Martens, Biltmore Telescope Hat, Opaque Tights,



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5 responses to “Date Night with Alex Grant: The Brothers Bloom

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  2. Christine's dad

    Dr. Martin’s are the best. Just got a second pair as my old ones have a hole in them. But thats because Wes wore them out long ago. So will keep the old ones forever, and use the new ones.
    How about Picnic for date night. Youtube song Moonglow with scene of William Holden & Kim Novack. Very romantic without need to be over the top.
    Love Dad

  3. Christine's dad

    Sorry, but no “c” in Novak.

  4. Hey Dad! Yea I want to get a pair of Docs now that my feet stopped growing. I wish Chalice’s floral ones fit. Picnic is a great suggestion! Thanks!

    • Christine's dad

      Hi Sweetie,
      How about Carousel? Filmend in Boothbay Harbor. I think you know someone who was born there. Anyway great to see what Boothbay looked like back in the day. I can remember eating lobster at Brown’s, the place they did the number June Is Busting Out All Over. Great song & dance number. Now there is a big hotel/motel there. Anyway I think they are planning a remake staring Hugh Jackman. Also the Anne of Green Gables would be another daet night. Remeber Gilbert & Anne dancing in the field? He had on a nice summer suit, and she had a blue sweater. Anyway I do hope you got to see William & Kim dance to Moonglow on Youtube. Slow dancing is wonderful. We even slow dance to Free Bird.
      Love Dad

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