Gloves and Mitts

Carhartt Women’s Insulated Leather Driver Gloves


Orvis Deerskin Leather Gloves



L.L. Bean Buckskin Chopper Mitts


Steven Alan Fall Roping Gloves


Hawthorn Shooting Gloves


It was freezing this past weekend in New England with -20 temperatures. Even while wearing my knit mittens, my fingers felt like they had frost bite. My fingers barely functioned after being outside for a mere 30 minutes. So while desperately fiddling with my keys, trying to get my apartment lock open with frozen stiff fingers I realized I needed some new gloves.  At the moment my options are just a colorful pair of knit mittens or my hardcore snowboarding mitts (which are a pain off the mountain and only allow me to paw at things rather violently). In my mind, the perfect finger savior would be a pair of tan leather gloves with cozy shearling lining. A pair like the ones your dad wears when he shovels the snow or racks the leaves.  I’ve found several good glove/mitt options above but if you know of a pair that has saved you and your hands many a winter, please let me know!



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10 responses to “Gloves and Mitts

  1. chopper mitts will work. but unless you are going for actual ski gloves, these ( are go-to. sis swears by them. me too.

  2. Kinco Lined Pigskin gloves are my go to.
    Under $15 a pair and they are bullet proof so you won’t be replacing them for years. So warm and practical and have seen me through the coldest of Vermont days this week.

  3. Thank you Fox clan! You guys are always chock-a-block full of good ideas. Thanks to you both for the rec. (great minds do think alike!).

  4. Emily

    How about some hats? I love your post on mittens, but I am definitely looking for a few smart hats to change up my wintry look with these arctic temperatures!

  5. You’ve inspired me, I’ll work on a post this week!

    Thanks Emily!

  6. Yes on those L.L. Bean mittens. They’re adorable!

  7. alan

    The chopper mitts from Duluth Pack are better than the version from Bean – Duluth Pack’s are made from Moosehide rather than buckskin. Hands down the nicest winter mitts I’ve ever used.

    My own preference in gloves are ones with removable liners as they are easy to dry and replaceable when they wear out.

  8. Thanks Alan for the tip! I think those are the winners and I muuuust have them.

  9. alan

    I’ve been looking for an unlined roper style glove for some time. I would like to buy them oversized to fit a pair of wool liners. I am a bit of a headcase when it comes to gloves, seems hard to find a pair which fits well.
    By the way, the Duluth Pack choppers are made by Henry’s Shoe Repair in Ely, MN. I’m a bit of a homer so I like to point out local folks.
    I’ve been meaning to get one of Henry’s t-shirts. I do have a couple of his belts, very nicely made and a bargain price. Moosehide makes really nice leather goods.

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