Hats and Caps

Orvis Rabbit Fur Trimmed Aviator Hat


Apolis Activism Nepal Cashmere Watch Cap

Orvis Wool Bavarian Tyrol Hat


Need Supply Wool Felt Hat



Everest Designs Pocket Earflap Hat



Jack Spade Andes Hat


Filson Double Mackinaw Hat



Turtle Fur Roxanna Beanie


A much appreciated reader of N’East Style suggested I do a round-up of suitable winter hats, similar to my post on gloves and mittens. Obviously I instantly jumped into an intense hat mission searching for the perfect variety of options. I now give you my selection of knit, fur, leather, and felt hats that I believe will take the men and women of New England through the snow storms predicted for this week and beyond!




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10 responses to “Hats and Caps

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  2. Christine's dad

    How about Stormy Kromer?

  3. um um um want that jack spade hat.

  4. Oh smart suggestion dad and Dustin! Completely forgot to include a Stormy Kromer.

  5. Obsessed with the majority of these toppers and your blog!

  6. Thank you so much Rice and Beans!

  7. Christine's dad

    Preach it! Skip

  8. alan

    Next season I’m going with a Dachstein wool hat for really cold days.
    I’ve got a couple of Dachstein sweaters, amazingly thick and dense.

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