The Door in the Floor

The Door in the Floor is one of my favorite films. It’s a harrowingly beautiful portrayal of the first part of John Irving’s novel A Widow for One Year (also one of my favorite books). This part is the pivotal summer when the protagonist Ruth Cole is merely four and her parents’ marriage falls apart due to an unforgettable family tragedy. Irving has an amazing ability to convey the truth in pain, love, and sorrow in this story, and the movie certainly does his writing justice. His involvement in the film obviously had a hand in its successful transition from the page to the screen. But the entire cast really makes it a beautiful story to watch. In particular, the costume designer Eric Daman did an amazing job with the wardrobe. The artist and author Ted Cole’s (Jeff Bridges) billowing linen nightshirts and wide brimmed straw hat. Eddie (Jon Foster), the Exeter upperclassman in his prep school basics. And Marion Cole (Kim Basinger), effortlessly beautiful yet sorrowful in whites and washed out pastels. Though the average movie-goer may not have even noticed the wardrobe, this film is a great example of the subtle power clothes can lend a character.

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  1. Yeah, like where can I find one of those sleep shirts???

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