Mister Freedom “Bourgeron Biribi”

Alice Saunders of Forestbound tipped me off to the Mister Freedom “Bourgeron Biribi” limited edition collection when she tweeted a link to the collection and “gasp”. I had the same response when I saw the linen and cotton blend jackets. Inspired by Biribis, the penitentiaries of Algeria and Morocco where army deserters, rebels, and misfits were shipped off to since the 1800’s. A version of hell on earth, Biribis eventually disappeared in the 1970’s due to increased public and political awareness of their inhuman system. The uniforms worn by Biribi “tenants” are the source of inspiration for Mister Freedom’s new limited edition collection. Made from New Old Stock of disparate vintage cotton and linen blend French fabrics, vintage buttons, and using single needle machine, each piece is completely unique and one-of-a-kind.


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