Suited for a Snow Day

In honor of today’s snowy mess throughout Boston and most of New England, I’ve put together the ideal unisex get-up for a snow day spent indoors and cozied up by the fire.  Chunky cable sweater is a must to keep you warm and toasty along with Bro Bro’s PJs (top and bottom, or just top or just bottom). If you plan on entertaining yourself indoors, I suggest you watch a couple of my favorites,  Anne of Green Gables and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. And finally, the provisions. Most people make elaborate winter warmer meals on snow days but to be honest, I usually get my fix from some Harney & Sons tea and Wheatabix cereal sprinkled with a bit of sugar. It’s all about simplicity and taking the time to relax and not make any fuss. Enjoy your snow day!

Oliver Spencer Cardigan, Bean’s Wicked Good Slippers, Camping Mug, Brooks Brothers PJs, Barbour Scarf, Harney & Sons Tea,



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6 responses to “Suited for a Snow Day

  1. Christine's dad

    Don’t foget the demerara to put on the Weatabix. Have a great day.
    Love Dad

  2. My mom loves her wicked good slippers I got her from Christmas. She doesn’t take them off. I wish I was snowed in right now…oh, work…

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  4. Great Blog! Just stumbled across it through the Brooks Brothers retweet. Love the Door in the Floor and Jaws posts. Looking forward to reading more.

    -ECN of GG

  5. Dad – Of course! No such thing as Wheatabix without Demerara!

    Gabe – Wicked Goods take me through so much. What a sweet son to get his mum a pair!

    GG – Thank you so much! Hope you continue to enjoy!

  6. alan

    ‘Horizontal Hold’ written for A Prairie Home Companion sums up life in Minnesota in these conditions.–739511

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