N’East Illustrated: Fisher Cat

Due to popular request, I will be posting an original N’East Style sketch every week. I’m launching the N’East Illustrated series with a feisty little Fisher Cat. They are nasty little buggers but are so iconic of New England wildlife that I thought he would be a fitting opener to the series (and maybe a welcome break from all my aquatic animals for my readers!).

The subjects of the sketches will be New England animals, icons, etc. If you have a specific request please email me at neaststyle@gmail.com and I’ll do my best to sketch it and get it in the N’East Illustrated series. Thank you all for you encouragement in this endeavor!

Editor’s Note: this sketch is dedicated to the lovely Deana



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11 responses to “N’East Illustrated: Fisher Cat

  1. This is awesome. I can’t wait to see what you create. Can’t remember if I told about trapping a fisher cat recently!

  2. A brilliant regular feature. Love!

  3. Thanks ladies!

    Sarah I completely forgot about your thrifty snatch of the fisher cat! You are my idol!

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  5. thegifthorse

    Not awesome. One of my cats was killed by a fisher. Thanks for dredging up the painful memories Christine.

  6. Brian I am so sorry about your kitty. Send me a pic of her/him and I’ll do a tribute sketch!

    And on that note, this sketch does not endorse the violent behavior of these little devils.

  7. HOM

    I’ve lost a few kitties to fisher cats. mean little beasties.

  8. I saw this scarf called symmetry scarf with buckle its a dark charcoal gray almost black color w a dark side leather buckle I NEED IT!!

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