Forestbound: Special Edition Valentine’s Day Tote

Still looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day present for you special friend? Look no further than a handcrafted tote by Forestbound. Each bag one is unique and special but if you really want to impress, I recommend you go for the custom monogrammed special edition tote made of hard to find gray canvas salvaged from a WWII era Swiss Military tent. The bag is accentuated with a hand dyed leather pocket which can be monogrammed with the initials of your loved one. A sweet extra touch is the date tagged on the inside of the bag, 2/14/11.  It’s the perfect versatile tote for the guy or gal in your life. And they’ll be happy it’s stamped with their name so you can’t “borrow” it on a regular basis.


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One response to “Forestbound: Special Edition Valentine’s Day Tote

  1. I love the fact that the date is on there too…you had me at monogrammed…

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