Run Of The Mill Shop

The Run Of The Mill trio has done it again with another great selection of wardrobe essentials for the modern gentleman. These guys have a knack at offering the perfect balance of classics with items with a little more kick to them. For example, versatile spread collar shirts in blue and white (for an incredibly reasonable price to boot) and digi camo cargo pants. Their web shop is like getting a peek into a man’s closet – a man who has fun getting dressed in the morning and isn’t afraid to express himself while looking tailored and professional. In short, the best dressed guy in the room. My favorite item in this run is the Monitaly double breasted linen blazer. I’m a sucker for anything linen, especially linen blazers, and this one takes it up a notch with a linen chambray lining.


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  1. If I was going to ask $415 for a blazer, I think I would at least put up a photo of it buttoned on the correct side…

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