General Knot & Co.

I fell in love with General Knot & Co. when I saw a photo of their Vintage 1950’s Folk Art Tie. I have always loved folk art patterns, especially in the home, but had never seen it looking so good as a tie! General Knot & Co. was founded by two men who met while waiting for a train to NYC. After chatting and discovering a shared love for patterns and vintage finds, General Knot & Co. was born. Each piece is handmade in the USA out of fabrics sourced all over the country from collectors, dealers, estate sales, and auctions. Because of this, their ties are produced in very limited quantities, making them even more precious. It’s always nice to own something that you know is unique and special. General Knot & Co. understands that and accompanies each tie with a numbered card with their exact place in the collection. They have successfully designed neckties and bowties that are fun and colorful without looking childish or too casual. These ties can be worn for any occasion and are a great alternative to the basic solids.  Above are some of my favorite prints and patterns from their current collection.



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2 responses to “General Knot & Co.

  1. looooove these ties. so dapper.

  2. Meg

    I want a coat lined with that first, folk fabric, or pillowcases or a cape, whatever. I’d take it. How great.

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