Gitman Brothers X Opening Ceremony

My good friend Cary went gaga for these shorts from Gitman Brothers for Opening Ceremony when they were featured on Selectism recently. She wished that they had been made for women and I completely agreed. And then it hit me, why not wear them anyways! Get a smaller size, wear them a bit loose, roll up the hems, and you’re good to go. Women’s shorts are rarely made with as cool patterns as these and are too often made with puny 2in inseams (is it ok if I say “wedgie much?”?). Last summer Garance Doré made this look effortless and cool when she starting sporting boyfriend Scott Schuman’s khaki shorts. I fully expect to see Cary rocking these leopard printed ones this summer and looking absolutely amazing in them. Oh, and of course men are highly encouraged to wear them as well.



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2 responses to “Gitman Brothers X Opening Ceremony

  1. Aaah!!! I’m a N’East Style star!! Seriously, these shorts are the bomb dot com. Cuff ’em with some neon friendship bracelets and a cold rum drink – we both need a pair in every print. Summer ’11 will be very well-dressed. Love this post, Christine!

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