Summer Stripes

Levi’s Vintage Collection




Gitman Vintage


Nigel Cabourn




Our Legacy


Steven Allan



It’s pretty obvious that I’m on a summer anticipation kick with my posts lately and this one is no different. When it comes to picking out shirts in the warmer months, there are a few patterns that are quintessential. Stripes being one of them. Horizontal, vertical, colorful, tonal, you name it and this year’s S/S collections have got it. Above are some of my favorites, and it’s pretty evident I’m partial to stripes in blue and white.


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3 responses to “Summer Stripes

  1. Hey N’East,
    Man, you are getting me in the Spring mood as well! I think I’ll need one of those Wharf popovers asap!

  2. I actually really want one of those myself! Great product from a great shop.

  3. Glenn

    Man, those shirt prices are ridiculous! I’ll pass. Better off going to a Goodwill store, you’ll find something vintage and similar in look a fraction of the price.

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