Shwood Eyewear

My boyfriend and I were in Bodega in Boston recently and were stumped when we eyed what looked like wooden sunglasses in the accessories case. And yes, they were indeed wooden! We may be late on the pick-up with Shwood Sunglasses, but that doesn’t make them any less cool. The idea of Shwood began as an experiment with “the limb of a Mandrone tree, a rusty pair of cabinet hinges, and lenses from the corner store” . Through experimentation with materials and innovative design, the collection of Shwood sunglasses was born. Now each pair displays the unique aesthetics that only natural materials can convey. Production in the Portland, OR based shop remains entirely hand made. The wood is barely manipulated in order to enhance it’s organic appeal and sunglasses are fitted with 100% UVA/UVB protection Carl Zeiss lenses imported from Italy. For those of us who are fair eyed or need the extra protection, polarized lenses are also available. I tried on a pair at Bodega and was pleasantly surprised by their comfort, fit, and their reasonable price tag (ranging from $98 to $155).



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4 responses to “Shwood Eyewear

  1. Interesting concept. I wonder, are they heavier or lighter than plastic/metal sunglasses?

  2. Ronny Pudding

    They are $125 and all the prices have been jacked up. Lost me immediately because of that. Sorry but a 30% price increase?? Why? Lame.

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