For Japan by Corter Leather

My friend Eric of Corter Leather has crafted a special edition “For Japan” bracelet to aid the relief efforts for the country after it was ravaged by earthquakes and tsunamis this past week. Each bracelet is crafted of simple leather and features a hand painted red button closure to commemorate the country’s flag. My older sister lived in Japan for five years teaching English and she fell completely in love with the culture and its people. It’s truely a fascinating country and deserves everyone’s support and aid in this time of need. All proceeds from the sale of Eric’s “For Japan” bracelets will go directly to the Red Cross’ relief efforts in Japan and are available in sizes from 6.5in to 8.75in. Priced at only $20 a pop, I’m hoping that people buy them in bulk and keep Eric up all hours crafting more so he can meet the high demand!



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8 responses to “For Japan by Corter Leather

  1. I am always inspired in my personal life and in our sustainable business- Chive- by imagery and beauitful writing. Thank you for your fun blog posts. I’m particularly impressed with this one, purchased my bracelet, have forwarded to post to many friends and will post a link on FB and hope to contribute to keeping Eric up as late as possible! No- but really, he should take a break and renew himself after all the great work he’s doing and hopefully become re-inspired too.
    I’d love to hear an update in a few weeks as to how far this reached, how many bracelets were ordered and any special stories heard along the way. Keep up the good work. Many thanks for giving me an opportunity to support Japan, a good cause and a local craftsman!

  2. Thanks so much for posting this Christine, the support we’ve received in only 2 hours is mind boggling! I’ll stay up as late as I have to making these and sending them out, I think everyone in the fashion world owes it to Japan for all of the amazing things they produce to inspire us. Also, if you’d like me to deliver your bracelets at some point I’d be happy to!

    Julia- I’ll absolutely be keeping everyone updated! We’re over half way to $1k in just about 2 hours, bringing in about $5 per minute! Thanks so much for your order, and keep an eye on the blog to see how much good we can all do in the next couple weeks. Hope you enjoy your bracelet!

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  4. Jules just directed me here; this is a lovely way to help. Thanks.

    I’m going back to order now –

  5. Eric this is such an awesome project and I’m thrilled to help in any way I can (let me know if you need help painting buttons, haha!).

    Julia and Heather, thank you sooo much for your support! Continue spreading the word!

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  7. Eric Amend

    Just ordered six to give out to my two nieces, my sister, anyone else, and, of course, myself!!!

  8. Thank you so much for your support Eric, I know your friends and family will love the gift!!

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