Apolis “Common Thread”

Lonelyleap film has created an incredible short documenting the founders of Apolis Activism and their mission to be a sustainable and globally aware company. It’s such an honorable endeavor and it’s inspiring to get a peek at the community around the brand. Check out the video then head over to their site to see their products and learn more about Apolis Activism.


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  1. Continuously impressed by the people, sustainable businesses and craft that you highlight here on your blog! I’m wearing my Corter Leather bracelet as I type this after having an inspiring meeting this morning with my business partners about the Earth Day dinner we’re hosting May 1st and how to share the story of what we’re doing, where we’re sourcing our ingredients from and how important it is to really know and share the story of ‘who’ is behind the product. Again, I’m really impressed and would love to invite you to the dinner and share some ideas. Please get in touch! Cheers, Julia

    PS- this business- rocks, the film crew- amazing and the overall presentation – phenomenal!

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