Reserve Belt Company

I’ve done my fair share of beading for leather belts and bracelets, but my own craftsmanship was put to shame when I saw the belts by Reserve Belt Company. Founders Kevin and Susan Horrocks have always been passionate Western art of the 1800’s – specifically Native American beadwork. They began to handcraft their own beaded designs inspired by fishing, hunting, and the outdoors endeavors, creating belts in the hues of different local fish or a mountain ridge. What began as a way to wear their own designs quickly became an opportunity to do custom beaded belts for others who loved the outdoors. Each design is first drafted on paper (designating where each of the 4,000 glass beads will go and how the pattern will come together). Then prototypes are beaded to make sure the design is perfect. Each belt is made by hand and is thus one-of-a-kind. Some of their patterns are above, including the Rainbox Trout, Pheasant, and Mountain designs above.


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  1. The rainbow trout motif is excellent. I wish that the buckles were a bit more Atlantic Ocean Region friendly, but they are still nice.

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