N’East Illustrated: Airedale Terrier

Apologies for the hiatus of N’East Illustrated (especially since I’ve only posted one so far!). It’s been a very busy March but I am committed to getting this series into a weekly swing. The lovely Sara Carpeaux of the fantastic shoe blog Pair Diem requested a drawing of an Airedale Terrier. This handsome breed is pretty common in New England and is the perfect addition to the illustrated series. Feel free to email me at neaststyle@gmail.com with suggestions!



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7 responses to “N’East Illustrated: Airedale Terrier

  1. Doode seriously, let’s get some prints here. We want to buy, buy, buy!

    All seriousness CM, this is lovely and if you produced hard copies of these drawings, I and some of our friends would be all over them.

  2. James, you always know how to make my chipmunk cheeks blush 😉

    Thank you so much and that’s the plan at the moment. So keep your eyes peeled for a N’East Etsy shop!

  3. john mitchell

    How about an Irish Water Spaniel, and a Westie

  4. Art critic

    Is that clip art?

  5. Nope, not clip art. I drew it, as I drew the other illustrations on the site.

  6. christine's dad

    Dear Chrissy,
    There is always one who has to be a p—p. But then there are alwasy so many more who appreciate what one does. You are the best.
    Love Dad

  7. Two events in row and I still have not introduced myself to you! I love your site and love your creations. Since you solicited suggestions, I’ll throw in my two cents for a bullmastiff;) Oh my goodness, how could someone think this was clipart? Stupide!

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