G1 Goods

G1 Goods is a Los Angeles based women’s brand that creates “timeless clothes for the modern woman with everlasting style”. Designer Yoonah Shoji designs pieces with a fresh faced and adventurous women in mind. Inspired by vintage pieces, the collection maintains the perfect balance between customized details and a comfortable and practical contemporary fit making them perfect for a girl’s everyday wardrobe. Shoji’s Spring 2011 collection works beautifully for both the West and East coast – faded olive military jackets with crisp white blouses give off the perfect Cali casual vibe with a bit of New England prep.


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2 responses to “G1 Goods

  1. THIS is the segment of L.A. that I love, where it should be. You know CM, there was a point in time when California girls (and the blokes) had impeccable style and I yearn for seeing looks like this on the downtown, outgoing scenester as well as the more conservative and laid back girl (but of course, you knew that!). If they know any better, G1 will be getting some major play.


  2. Such a solid point James. I’ve actually never been to Cali. When I do I hope to see lots of ladies in khaki and straw hats, cause G1 has this look down pat and it looks so perfectly effortless!

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