I love stripes, you love stripes, I’m pretty sure everyone loves stripes, and Chance definitely loves stripes. For founder Julia Leach, an affinity for stripes is about the design, simplicity, and timelessness of the iconic pattern. The daughter of a French author and a midwest potter, Leach is influenced by both nautical French culture and by American sportswear. Leach also spent ten plus years as EVP/Creative Director at kate spade where she created many of spade’s most memorable advertising campaigns, pioneered their online marketing initiatives, and greatly influenced their visual brand identity and voice.  Considering her background in design and what her inspirations, it should be no surprise that the classic stripe t-shirt is the icon of Chance – “the striped t-shirt is the paper-clip of style” as Leach eloquently states. This singular piece has the ability to combine, fashion, form, design, line, and function. It can take you from the sea to the busy city streets. Chance also offers classic essentials such as the striped t-shirt dress, solid t’s, the perfect pajama set, and accessories like canvas totes, fedora, and handkerchiefs. While you’re browsing their online shop, don’t miss out on their Discoveries tab – a blog like culmination of inspirations. The website as a whole is one of my favorites to date, perfectly simple and filled with delightful quotes, beautiful photos, and even a timeline of the history of the striped t-shirt.


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