N’East Illustrated: Red Clay Soul’s Fox

Jay of Red Clay Soul asked me to draw him a fox for his blog’s logo and here’s the little guy I drew up for him. I wanted the RCS fox to look soft and playful but with a bit of a fiesty gaze. Head over to RCS to see the illustration as the new logo and bookmark the site – Jay has a lot of great content! Also be sure to vote for the Red Clay Soul belt design featuring the new fox in the Tucker Blair belt contest. Voting ends Friday so don’t dilly dally!


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3 responses to “N’East Illustrated: Red Clay Soul’s Fox

  1. What the cuss? Haha, in the words of Ryan Plett, this is rad. I’m curious about what the fox represents for his blog and how he tied it all together.

    In a somewhat unrelated matter, I’m going to be requesting you to draw me as an early 19th century Parisian, sitting on my mighty horse, jacket with epaulets and all kinds of embellishments, the whole gig. Slightly looking off to the right, I wear the expression of a man who just led his country to victory over Spain. Can ya, can ya?!

    I’m quite sure you can make that happen, no problems. 🙂

  2. James, I honestly don’t care whether that was a serious request or not. I’m going to draw it and frame it in a massive gold frame. It will hang in your office and be so impressive that all your clients will insist on paying three times the amount charged and women will faint at your dashing-ness.

  3. CM-

    Umm…..well I was half kidding but since you’ve obliged…….:)

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