Naragansett Leathers

Whenever we head up to Boothbay, Maine to visit Ted’s family we hop over to Damariscotta to check out some of our favorite shops. One of which is Naragansett Leathers. Shop owners Alan and Ann Marie McKinnon started their leather shop in 1969 near the Eastern Market on Capitol Hill as an escape from Alan’s government position in D.C. which was less than thrilling. In 1976 the McKinnons moved their shop and family up to Damariscotta, ME. Over the years they mastered the craft and still to this dray produce the majority of the goods their shop carries including belts, bags, sandals, and other accessories. They also have a fantastic belt buckle selection which they will fit to one of their belts for you if you wish.



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8 responses to “Naragansett Leathers

  1. JRS

    Those buckles are outstanding…

  2. Excellent blog by the way . Very Nice Lay out and design . Very good execution on this on mate .

  3. Hilary

    Whoops! Just read backwards on the blog and discovered that you already know Damariscotta and must be familiar with Darling and DeLisle’s awesome hat collection! Never mind!

  4. Good people, great leather. I picked up a pair of belts from these guys and can attest first hand to the quality.

    Would love to know what they can do with a pair of sandals…

  5. H Lane

    During our annual trip to Pemaquid, I went to this shop after seeing your post. I have to say that while they may carry nicely crafted leather goods (my husband couldn’t resist getting a new billfold), the artisan’s wife who works behind the counter was RUDE RUDE RUDE. A couple of customers turned around and left as soon as they entered. I would be skipping this store next time around. Or perhaps ordering online.

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