L.L. Bean Signature S/S 2011

The folks of L.L. Bean Signature have done it again with their Spring/Summer 2011 collection. They continue to offer quality, versatile pieces that suit at an affordable price point. To top it off, L.L. Bean now offers free shipping on all orders – as if you needed that additional peer pressure. Above are some of my personal favorites from the men’s and women’s collections. I have half a mind to purchase the men’s linen short sleeve button front with the nautical tie print in a small for myself!



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6 responses to “L.L. Bean Signature S/S 2011

  1. Been following you for a long time. Decided to begin my own blog. If you like it, perhaps you could add a link to it on yours. I have done the same for you. Let me know your thoughts!


    Best regards,
    Rhon Bell

  2. How have I existed with out a sailboat top until now in NE? Milly has a cute dress with a similar print this season as well, very cute, and infinitely more expensive than LL Bean. Great find!

  3. Isn’t that shirt fantastic!!! I absolutely love it.

  4. Saw the men’s button up with knot styles on it in Freeport yesterday, awesome shirt.

  5. Ohhh!! I think I have to get it now.

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