The Perfect Summer Hat


Summer Straw Hat via Spartan

Carib Straw Hat via Orvis

Straw Cowboy Hat via AE

Straw Stitched Fedora via Chance

Carla Straw Hat via Steven Alan

Wide Brim Panama Hat via Orvis

Ribbon Band Straw Hat via Need Supply

I’m a sucker for hats – any season, all seasons. And when the seasons change, it tends to set me off on a new hat hunt. I’m currently searching for a new straw one for the upcoming warm summer months. So far, I’ve found the above. Let me know if you stumble across any others that you think are worth a gander! Men’s, women’s, kids’, and unisex styles are welcome.



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4 responses to “The Perfect Summer Hat

  1. best part about straw fedoras is they get better the more bashed they get… even better if it gets soaked in bahamian salt water…

  2. Thankfully I don’t have to decide because these are some tough choices here. Except the AE one, I’d easily axe that. Too matronly and eccentric. But everything else is too close to call.

  3. I love that first one! So excited for summer hats.

  4. Hilary

    Darling and DeLisle in Damariscotta Maine has amazing straw summer hats. Their website offers tantalizing glimpses, but you may just have to visit.!

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