Forestbound: Men’s Capsule Collection

I have a sneaking suspicion that my friend Alice Saunders of Boston based Forestbound never sleeps. It’s been a busy and exciting year for her and yet again she impresses with a new collection. The capsule menswear collection is consistent with the Forestbound aesthetic and feel but adds an element of additional ruggedness that perfectly suits a men’s line. The collection includes four limited edition pieces made of salvaged materials, making them the perfect investment piece. To check out the pieces in person, head over to The Shiny Squirrel’s showroom on Mott street or head over to the Forestbound online shop.



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3 responses to “Forestbound: Men’s Capsule Collection

  1. love the items she creates and love that although the bags are manly, they would look great on girls as well. (I want that side bag in the 1st picture!)

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