Giveaway: Elizabeth Dehn Face Spray

As Spring arrived (and went quite quickly for us in New England) I had the urge to purge my overflowing cupboard of mis-matched skincare and makeup products. I wanted to streamline and use only products that were made well by good people or were in some way environmentally conscious. But I had no idea where to begin and whose advice I should listen to. A friend directed me to the site Beauty Bets and I immediately knew it was exactly the help I was looking for. The content includes everything from DIY face masks (I now swear by the orange juice and baking soda mix and won’t bother buying a mask at a store anymore) to product reviews and to tips on overall wellness and skincare. The site was founded by writer and editor-in-chief Elizabeth “Bets” Dehn in 2009. I had the great fortune of touching base with her when I came across the site and quickly learned what a fantastic and sweet person she is. Based in Minneapolis, Dehn is not only a lifestyle writer, editor and beauty enthusiast, but now she also has her own skincare line! The collection includes Shea Cream, The Serum, and Face Spray – all free of chemicals, preservatives, and synthetics. I’ve been using the Face Spray for the past month and am rarely without it. I spritz it on my freshly cleaned face first thing in the morning then again throughout the day whenever I want my skin to feel refreshed and rejuvinated.  I feel strongly about supporting wonderful people like Elizabeth and their endeavors with healthful products like her skincare line so I’m happy to announce a giveaway of one Face Spray bottle to one lucky reader of N’East Style! All you have to do is comment below on where and how you’ll use the Face Spray this summer and we’ll pick one lucky winner at random on Monday, June 6th! The Face Spray will be mailed to you shortly after and you can jump into summer feeling refreshed and lovely a la Elizabeth Dehn.



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10 responses to “Giveaway: Elizabeth Dehn Face Spray

  1. jeremy

    Hi Miss,

    I think my daughter would love having her face misted in the back yard this summer. She’s a peach and sh plays very hard. Thanks for the opportunity to win this. Have a super duper solid weekend.


  2. Elizabeth

    I would throw this in the fridge and spray it all over my face on those days where living without AC is just too much! I’m sure a certain gentleman in my life would probably try to steal it as well…

    (elizabeth’s FTW)

  3. Elizabeth

    I work as a bartender, I would imagine I would get the most use out of this during my shifts.

  4. Ashley

    I’d use it camping in the Boundary Water. After canoeing for five days with no showers, I think a few mists would leave me feeling civilized again. 🙂

  5. Laura

    I would like to win this to use it on the beaches on Puerto Rico!! Thanks!!

  6. Gwenn

    Facespray is so effective in setting your makeup after application, it leaves a fresh, dewey finish that lasts for hours!

  7. Steph

    I am a mom of two very busy boys and I can just imagine spaying this in the afternoon to give me a little pick-up. Maybe it would help calm by kiddos down too. 🙂

  8. Charity

    I would use it during one of my ridiculous hot flashes!

  9. meghan

    As a working Chicago girl caught in the throes of young love with a man I left in Baltimore, I think Ms. Dehn’s face spray is the perfect anecdote to the city grime of a long, sweltering Chicago summer as well as the perfect post-airplane pick-me-up for looking fresh faced and glowing when my long distance beaux meets me at the airport.

  10. mary

    i’ll use it at the beach in florida for my july 4th trip, during hot indian summer days in san francisco, OR maybe to prank someone while they’re sleeping soundly.

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