A reader of N’East Style (who also crafts salvaged bags and hosts a killer Etsy shop, Dapper Monkey) recently told me about Ktaadn, a shop of handprinted textiles founded by his two friends Olan Boardman and Rollin Leonard. Boardman and Leonard relocated from Brooklyn to Maine in 2010 to launch Ktaadn – appropriately pronounced like the Maine mountain Katahdin. All pieces are  designed, printed, sewn, and bound by the designers themselves in their studio outside Portland. Boardman and Leonard also use only the highest-quality organic cottons, natural linen, recycled paper, and environmentally-safe, water-based inks. As if you couldn’t already get behind a brand like that, their prints are fun, whimsical, and oh-so New England.



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6 responses to “Ktaadn

  1. Thank you for featuring us! We’ve just launched the website last month and are beginning to sell our first products. We will keep you updated as our collection will expand a lot by August with new designs, bags, and a bicycle hat. Love the blog and I’m honored to wake up and read about us here. Cheers! – Rollin & Olan

  2. judy bills

    Those are the coolest, cleanest patterns. Very classy but down-home! I’m buying everything I can get my hands on.

  3. Very Nice. Ktaadn was actually the name given to the mountain by the earliest Indian settlers. Great items.

  4. Oh cool! Learn something new every day. Thanks Rhon!

  5. Rollin and Olan, just saw your comment! I was happy to do a feature on you guys. Love the prints and can’t wait to see what you guys do next!!!

  6. martha truscott

    Our home has been transformed by Ktaadn’s fresh approach….
    Martha Truscott and James LeFurgy,
    Harpswell, Maine

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