WHARF x N’East Style

WHARF is one of my all time favorite shops. Of course it helps that owner/founder Rob Babigian is one of the coolest and kindest dudes out there. But they are one of those diamond in the rough shops that carry only the very best quality goods that works perfectly for us New Englanders (and others, naturally). After a very successful year in the suburbs of RI, Rob relocated his shop to a fantastic new space in downtown Providence. Being the awesome guy that he is, Rob commissioned several local artisans to create fixtures, furnishings, and art for the new shop . . . including yours truly! Rob reached out to me this spring to do a small collection of charcoal drawings concentrating on the great products and brands that he carries in his store. The results can be seen over on the WHARF site and of course in the actual store which I highly recommend taking a trip down or up to shop at in person. If you can’t make the journey, “walk” around their online shop here.



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5 responses to “WHARF x N’East Style

  1. Great work. Illustrators unite!

  2. Lovely work, Christine!

  3. Chalice


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