Summer in Maine

We took a couple of long weekend trips to my boyfriend’s home in Boothbay, ME this summer. For our rainy weekend in July we spent time at the Botanical Gardens near his house, having the most fun in the children’s garden with Burt Dow and Miss Rumphious. This last weekend the weather was decidedly better. We travelled up north for a day trip in Camden and Rockland, stoping by the Market Basket for sandwiches and the best peanut butter balls in the world. In Camden we soaked in some sun at the library amphitheater designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. I picked up a new Zuni fetish to add to my collection at one of our favorite shops, Spirit & Art Gallery East. He’s a wonderful little otter carved from black marble with a small turquoise fish. Otters represent women medicine and balanced femininity . . . hmmm, wonder why I was drawn to him this trip. He (or she I guess) will join my bear, beaver, buffalo, and mountain goat at home. We spent a day lounging at my boyfriend’s family cottage at Ocean Point. The cottage is filled with treasures collected by his grandfather over many years living in Maine. We played on the rocks looking for sea glass, dived in the waves, and feasted on clams, hamburgers, and S’mores. We took a late night drive around the Point and sat on the rocks looking at the moon. On Sunday we packed up and sat in hours of traffic to return to Boston . . . where we count down the days till we can return to Maine.



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8 responses to “Summer in Maine

  1. delightful. love the market basket!

  2. tidley idely = Burt Dow! Deep Water MAN… one of opur faves.

  3. Chalice

    Beautiful photos!

  4. I grew up in Boothbay and Ocean Point is my favorite place in the world. Thanks for bringing me a little bit of home today. Love!

  5. Camden was so lovely on a sailing trip around Penobscot Bay last summer that I packed up and moved here. I loved hearing about your day trip – and am thankful I can now call it home. (now I’m heading out to the Market Basket to act on your recommendation!) Come again soon…

  6. Love these pictures!!! Everything looks so fresh!

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