Porter Lake, ME

My older sister recently spent some time at our cottage on Porter Lake in New Vineyard, ME and took these amazing pictures at dusk and dawn. There’s an island in the middle of the lake that we three kids used to canoe out to when we were younger. In our bathing suits and Tevas we would play on the rope swing there for hours. At least until one of us caught a leach in the murky waters by the root of the tree the rope swing hung on (this usually only happened on the hottest days of summer). We took showers in the lake with Tom’s of Maine soap. I learned how to dive off our floating dock. I would just dive, and dive, and dive some more. I might not be an amazing swimmer, but I sure can dive. The water is crystal clear and smooth as glass on a calm day and gloriously choppy on a stormy one. My favorite part about our place on the lake is that the large community of loons sing you to sleep every night there. It’s one of the most peaceful sounds you’ll ever hear.



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6 responses to “Porter Lake, ME

  1. I would sit in my hammock in front of picture #2 ALL DAY LONG. Nice photos she took.

  2. I loved Porter Lake, ME | N'East Style OMG!. my favorite posts of all time.

  3. Scale Worm

    Great images, Thank you for sharing!

  4. In regards to Porter Lake, ME | N'East Style, I’d have to say what a great post! Thanks very much

  5. Now thats some water I’d drop a line or two in. Stunning calmness.

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