New England Sayings: Ayuh



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7 responses to “New England Sayings: Ayuh

  1. AEV

    Ha – this made me laugh out loud. I hope you’ve got a sketch for “grinder” up your sleeve…..

  2. AEV

    Excellent….I still get dazed looks down in DC when I use that one. “Pike”(i.e. highway or freeway) might be abother good one….or “Whaler”, as in Hartford Whalers.

    I feel late to the party, but I just discovered your blog and love it (and, I don’t love many blogs that purport to be about NE style/culture…). And, I have many close friends and family that attended Conn College – go camels.

  3. It’d be great to see a “Woodchuck” one done. It’d save me a considerable amount of time explaining to Californians that in Vermont we don’t have Rednecks, we have Woodchucks or “Chucks” for short. Perhaps also a “Flatlander” one as well.

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