New England Sayings: Jimmies



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8 responses to “New England Sayings: Jimmies

  1. pairdiem

    Awww, jimmies! That takes me back 🙂

  2. randall

    My wife’s from Connecticut and apparently in her corner of New England they call them “shots”

    I am from New York so they are simply sprinkles to me.

  3. colonel

    I was always under the impression that “jimmies” were chocolate and “sprinkles” are the multicolor toppings. I’m still working on remembering that a “milkshake” in RI doesn’t have any ice cream in it- that’s a Cabinet

    • Well yes, they are the chocolate sprinkles – hence why I kept the entire drawing entirely black and white. Isn’t a RI milkshake funny? I went to boarding school in Newport and always thought that was odd.

  4. guest

    er, just FYI, “jimmies” is an incredibly racist term. chocolate sprinkles were called jimmies, as in black people.

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