Linekin Bay Woodworkers in Maine Home & Design

It never gets old having a boyfriend whose father, Tony Jose of Linekin Bay Woodworkers, is a master woodworker. Whenever we visit their home in Boothbay, ME there is always a new project in the shop we get to drool over, whether it’s a gorgeous wooden boat or even a 1959 Chevrolet Viking short bus.  The latter was a project Maine architect Will Winkelman brought to Tony this past year, and is now featured as the cover story of the Maine Home + Design September issue. The owner of the vintage bus had enlisted Winkelman to renovate it into a camper. Winkelman turned to Tony, a master in custom boat building, to outfit the interior with custom woodwork and cabinetry. The resulting camper is spectacular, especially due to Tony’s fine craftsmanship. Winkelman praises Tony’s expertise in the article, “He sculpts wood like it was putty”. And he’s really not exaggerating. Pick up the issue to see the full story and more images of interior. Below are some additional photos of the bus before, during, and after Tony’s work on it.



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33 responses to “Linekin Bay Woodworkers in Maine Home & Design

  1. Oh, man! So awesome- Would you ever want to leave it? Answer- no.

  2. wow – that is sweet.. it kinda pulls the outdoors inside.

  3. Loving this. Great looking bus.

  4. Yes, but what about termites? Just kidding, its lovely, what a way to travel. You are indeed lucky to have a woodworker in the family.

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  6. Harry Palmer


    I’m glad you wrote such a good post about this restoration, as I am a vivid fan of this car and other oldies like the NAPCO Chevy Surburban 1957. But as I live in France, I’m afraid there’s no way for me to get Maine Home Design magazine here. Would it be possible to get a scanned copy of the article ? Great blog, keep being so inspirational !

  7. I did see it when it was in the beginning of renovation. Was an amazing space. It’s privately owned so not sure it will end up on the screen. But that would be oh so cool!

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  10. What a sweet ride! Seems like the perfect movable home for a long summer road trip across the country.

    Did they save the original engine, or drop in something new? The only concern I’d have would be finding spare parts when this baby (inevitably) breaks down. That difficulty would be exacerbated if you were trekking through the middle of nowhere.

  11. Melanie Cepaitis

    Love it!

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  21. JazzQueen


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