New England Sayings: You Can’t Get There From Here

This week’s New England Sayings illustration is dedicated to my home state of Vermont. This amazing state was heavily damaged by Irene with the worst flooding in a century. So many valuable historical buildings are now lost or are beyond repair, businesses I grew up going to are gone, friends’ homes are severely damaged, and people are stranded throughout the state due to the many road closures. If you’ve been keeping up with the news at all you’ll see these road closures are due to the road being completely immersed in water in some sections, or a huge chunk of it has been washed away. Family friend and Vermont neighbor James Fox tweeted this week “The old Vermontism ‘You can’t get there from here’ has taken on new meaning in the aftermath of Irene.” Thanks to his inspiration, the illustration is a simple drawing of Vermont with the red dots denoting all the current road closures. It’s a simple request that if you can, please donate to the Vermont Red Cross or offer support through other outlets. Thank you to everyone who has supported the green state in this time of need!


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4 responses to “New England Sayings: You Can’t Get There From Here

  1. love this post but so sad for the reasons why. Please send your support to our beautiful green mountains if you can. This is a state rich in community and beauty but lacking in financial resources. I am privileged as are Christine and my brother James to have this state at my core and am stunned by the devastation. Thankful also that our tiny town of Peru escaped the worst.

  2. I found your blog via your post on Sault NE, and then found this! I am also a Bostonian-Vermonter with friends and family recovering from the hurricane, so its cool to see people spreading the word so far south from home!

    Your blog is really fun and I do love the line art nautical style!

  3. chrissy's dad

    “No flys on me”= very smart
    “Does a bear s_it in the woods”= Yes, of course.
    “Trouser cough”=break wind

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