Buckshot Sonny’s

Back in the Spring, friends Joe Gannon and Max Wastler (the two masters of all things cool, American, and in Max’s case, plaid) approached me about designing the logo for their new shop Buckshot Sonny’s. Needless to say I jumped for joy at the opportunity to collaborate with them on the project.  We went back and forth on the font as I drew it, playing with angle, spacing, scale, etc.  Photos of old sports and general store signs were the inspiration for their concept for the logo. Joe and Max were amazing to work with and I like to think the end result is pretty awesome. They’ll be unveiling goods from their shop tomorrow at Northern Grade in Minneapolis, MN. If you are lucky enough to be withing driving distance, I highly recommend attending. BS will be joined by other friends of noteworthy brands such as Left Field NYC, Pierrepont Hicks, Tailor Stitch, Widdershins Knits, and Ball & Buck.

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the goods you’ll be able to pick up at Buckshot Sonny’s. The rare Pointer Brand herringbone coat. I’ve seen a lot of men really rock the Pointer jackets but have yet to see a lady wear one. I was thrilled that Max sent it my way. An xs fit my short frame perfectly and it’s the ideal medium weight for transitioning between seasons. I’ve also heard whispers they’ll have some camo Pointer coats as well, I know a lot of folks who will be drooling over those bad boys.



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7 responses to “Buckshot Sonny’s

  1. Chrissy's Dad

    Who is that beautiful model? Oh, I know. By the way good looks run in the family. Your aunts Eltress Anne and Nancy were Heart Models.
    Love dad

  2. May I ask what size top you normally wear for sizing?

    • Sure! I’m a size xs to small (for men’s and women’s – depending on the desired fit). In these shots I’m wearing a men’s XS Freeman’s Sporting Goods button front shirt and the Pointer coat is also a men’s XS.

  3. Thanks Dad and Christen for the sweet words 🙂

  4. Christine, I love your blog! I too am a woman who appreciates and wants in on all the spectacular Americana clothing and accessories that have come out in the past few years. And most mens jackets and shirts are just too large.
    Funny thing, I had been checking out the coats on the Pointer Brand site, and when I emailed them to ask about the XS mens sizing, they said it was 30-32 chest width! Great photos, the fit look good, I’m going to snag one for myself. Thanks for sharing!

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