Patagonia’s Common Threads Initiative

My respect for Patagonia doubled when I discovered their new Common Threads Initiative. It takes a bold, honest, and moral company to encourage their customers not to buy new product from them more often. Instead of just being reactive by recycling, Patagonia encourages their loyal customers to consume less. Repair and reuse product until you’ve exhausted it, then recycle it. And considering the quality of Patagonia’s goods, wearing, say, their Retro-X fleece to the ground will take a lot longer than you might think. Patagonia partnered with eBay to create the Common Threads Initiative store where you can sell or buy used Patagonia gear. Take a moment and pledge to join the Common Threads Initiative and the next time you need a fleece, shell, or fishing waders, head to the shop on eBay first before heading to the store.



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2 responses to “Patagonia’s Common Threads Initiative

  1. EMJ

    Never has reverse psychology been used so ingeniously.

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