Donate to the Vermont Foodback

image via 10engines

As many of you know, I do the New England Sayings illustrated series here on N’East Style. My good friend James Fox of 10engines has helped and supported me tremendously with the series. For Jeezum Crow, which originated from our homestate of VT, we decided to make it into a collaborative decal and adapted it with the names of our two blogs. After the wreckage that Irene brought upon Vermont, James jumped on the opportunity to turn this collaboration into an opportunity to support the Vermont Foodbank. At $1 a pop, all proceeds go to the foodbank. You can pick up a sticker at Ball & Buck in the North End of Boston, or if you see James walking around the city, he’ll likely have a few on hand. Let me know directly at neaststyle at gmail if you really want one but can’t get at us in Boston.



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3 responses to “Donate to the Vermont Foodback

  1. How about “Hard Tellin’ not knowin’ ” for the next new england saying? Maybe two folks with dialog balloons with question marks in them?


    Josh Lewis

  2. These are so rad. I also like the saying “You don’t know beans”. I first heard that when I moved to Maine.

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