Autumn Fair Look

This weekend is the weekend of fairs. My boyfriend and I will be heading up to the Common Ground Fair in Maine, but we’re sad to be missing the Peru Fair next to my hometown of Manchester,Vermont. Good family friend James Fox of 10engines will be attending the Peru Fair with his family, so if you make it up (which I highly recommend you do) be sure to say hi to him – he’ll show you around as only a true local can. He put together a fair look on his blog and asked me to contribute one as well for the gents. You can see both over at 10engines. I decided to put together a ladies’ look here for fair going. The perfect get up for a day filled with baked goods, crafts, hay rides, and petting zoos. Fall has officially arrived and I couldn’t be more stoked.

Sanita Clogs, Barbour Sweater, Pendleton Hat, Chance Co. Shirt , Hill-Side Scarf, Rilleau Leather Bag, Baldwin Denim Jeans, Ursa Major Earrings



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5 responses to “Autumn Fair Look

  1. Joy

    There are some really nice pieces here!

  2. CRF

    Can’t wait to don something similar when we reunite in the Bean next month. Put the (seasonal) Sam on ice!!

  3. chrissy's dad

    Chrissy. If someone was to have those jeans on at the fair they better not eat any baked beans. A simple trouser cough will blow those clogs into outer space

  4. chrissy's dad

    You are so smart and healthy. Say, you should plan to do a similar idea for skiing. As you know the next time you are home Statton will be celebrating its 50th birthday. Also maybe a feature on Kimet hand’s Vermont Bracelet.
    Can’t eait to see you October 789.
    Love Dad

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