New England Icons

Photographer Greg Premru recently introduced me to the book he had published, New England Icons. Premru’s stunning photos of New England’s historical icons accompany 22 essays by Bruce Irving (former producer of the popular PBS show This Old House). Irving’s writing paired with Premru’s photography beautifully illustrates the significance of New England staples such as stone walls, lobster boats, skating ponds, and saltbox houses. It’s a celebration of what makes this corner of our country valuable, historically and culturally. And for many of us, home. Above are some photos from the book, courtesy of Greg Premru. I have a feeling this will be a common present this holiday season.



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5 responses to “New England Icons

  1. Judy

    Wonderful wonderful…… X O JVP

  2. You’ve turned me onto a great photographer. Love the rock wall and the snow covered house. Picturesque NE.

  3. Meg

    These make me so happy! The stone wall especially, it reminds me of Frost’s “Mending Wall.”

  4. Arlene Steele

    They are all awesome! I have a particular fondness to the snow covered house….Ar

  5. JMD

    Our family has lived in many states in the US, from the west coast to the east for the last 48 years. My most favorite are New England. It has the ocean and the mountains and is most beautiful especially in the fall. Greg Premru’s pictures remind me of how much I love New England and the happy times we had there.

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