Louis Boston Blogger Picks Fall 2011

Louis Boston asked me to be among a selection of local female bloggers for their Blogger Picks Fall 2011 roundup this past week. Each participant got to go to Louis and put together their favorite items and style them (on themselves). The photos are up on Louis’ facebook page and the photo/blogger with the most likes wins the chance to style one of Louis’ campaigns. So shameless plug here, but if you’re interested in voting for me and my picks (pictured above) click here! All six of us put together very unique looks which makes it interesting. Of course my favorites are my friends’ Christen Mitchell (yup, it’s confusing, we have practically the same name) in a maxi black dress and Noelani Zervas in a colorful pattern and fur. Thanks for all your support!



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2 responses to “Louis Boston Blogger Picks Fall 2011

  1. I love your laid back yet super stylish outfit!

  2. James at 10engines told me to check out your blog, I love it! This is a fantastic post! And a great idea…I’m relatively new to the style blogging world, but I grew up being dragged to Louis by my mother, this sounds like my dream 😉 the people there are wonderful. You might enjoy my blog, i think we have similar aesthetics? Slash New England style is kind of my life, so…love your blog!


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