Danner’s Patterson Boots

I think a post on Danner’s new Patterson boots is terribly fitting for Veterans Day.  In 2006, Danner became the supplier of the Marine Crop’s Rugged All Terrain Boot, which gained the reptation of beng the only proven USMC rugged all terrain boot available. A new addition to the Stumptown Collection, the Danner Light Patterson and the Mountain Light Patterson boots are a tribute to the this history. With a limited run of 500 each and $10 of every pair sold being donated to the Wounded Warrior Project, these are definitely boots worth slipping into. Made from nubuck leather, hand-crafted uppers, stable stitchdown platforms, midsoles, and Vibram® outsoles that Danner uses on their military-spec boots, these boots will handle anything you through at them. It doesn’t hurt that when you buy them, you’re honoring the many brave men and women who have fought for this country in a small (but very valuable) way.



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3 responses to “Danner’s Patterson Boots

  1. Love the Wounded Warriors. CrossFit sponsors them in several events.

  2. Jonas

    I have a pair of Danners (acadia) that I bought almost 20 years ago. Still function fine, but no longer waterproof. To be warned, apparently those USMC RAT boots fall apart fairly quickly. This might be why they are available at Sportsmans Guide for >$100.

    • Jamie MacIntosh

      The ones sold on Sportsman’s Guide are made by other military contractors like Bates and Wellco, not Danner. The other’s didn’t make the cut and were surplused.

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