Circulate//Accumulate by Katrine Hildebrandt

My lovely friend Katrine Hildebrandt has a solo show opening today at The Hallway Gallery in Jamaica Plain, MA. She’s an incredibly talented artist and along with her husband Peter Hussey, they make amazing pieces for their shop Structure Design & Build. I have a feeling her solo exhibit will be nothing short of amazing as well. The opening reception is from 6-8 tonight. Below is Katrin’s artist statement:

“The ocean has become truly important to both my work and life in the past several years. I’m interested in the movement, currents and circulation of water. Pushing and pulling with an energy and force that can change the patterns of matter. Through my work I wish to express the pulse of the sea. With each new wave a circulation begins, accumulating its findings on the land, only to pile up and fade away.”


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2 responses to “Circulate//Accumulate by Katrine Hildebrandt

  1. Is there an online gallery of her show?

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